When the Lord stands in your way.

Friday night devotional at ViZion Church (Rutherglen). 14 Jan 2022 8pm

Numbers 22:21-35; 2 Peter 2:15-16

Let us look at 3 different aspects of Verses 22-35 and see where the Lord stands and obstructs the path of Balaam’s greedy sin and then shows the path to go on the right way.

1. Let us look at point 1 Verses 22-27 The Lord can make it hard by standing in the way.
2. Let us look at point 2 Verses 28-33 The Lord can make you think by reproofing and convicting you.
3. Let us look at point 3 Verses 34-35 The Lord can forgive and set you on the right way.

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